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About the Authors

Dmitry Nedospasov

Dmitry Nedospasov is a PhD student and researcher in the field of IC security at the Security in Telecommunications (SECT) research group at the Berlin University of Technology (TU Berlin) and the Telekom Innovation Laboratories. Dmitry’s research interests include hardware and IC reverse-engineering as well as physical attacks against ICs and embedded systems. His academic research focuses on developing new and novel techniques for semi and fully-invasive IC analysis. Most recently, Dmitry was involved in identifying vulnerabilities in the most wide-spread Phyiscally Unclonable Function (PUF) schemes.

Twitter: @nedos
Email: dmitry [at] h [dot] rdw [dot] re

Thorsten Schroder

Thorsten Schroder has been active as a technical consultant in the field of applied IT-Security for many years. His areas of expertise lie in the verification of software in either source or binary form. More recently, Thorsten’s research has resulted in several open source hardware projects, most notably the “Keykeriki”, an RF-analysis tool for sniffing and attacking 2.4GHz based radio devices such as wireless keyboards. Thorsten has also been involved in several software reverse-engineering projects such as the CCC’s analysis of the German Federal Trojan known as “0zapftis”. Thorsten is the co-founder of the Swiss modzero AG, established in 2011, as well as the German branch, modzero GmbH, established in January 2014.

Twitter: @br3t