REcon 2013 Workshop

Those interested in getting fmiliar with Die Datenkrake are invited to participate in our workshop. To participate, please download the necessary tools for development:

Make sure to register your 30-day evaluation license with Rowley and register for a 1-year Gold Node-locked license with Microsemi.


Die Datenkrake is an open-source hardware & software toolchain designed with hardware reverse-engineering & security analysis in mind.

We assembled a short list of facts to provide a rough overview about core capabilities and use-cases:


More information to be coming soon. A good start would be, following @nedos and @br3t (or less tweets @diedatenkrake) on twitter. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to join #ddk on freenode IRC.

There is a 4-day training already scheduled at the REcon 2013 conference in Montreal, Canada.

Contact us at: datenkrake -=at=- dev -=dot=- io
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